who removes fallen trees from roads

Who Removes Fallen Trees from roads

In the face of unpredictable weather conditions and natural calamities, the safety and accessibility of roads are paramount. Fallen trees can obstruct pathways, posing risks to commuters and hindering the flow of traffic. When such challenges arise, there’s a crucial question on everyone’s mind: Who removes fallen trees from roads? Enter I Haul Landscape Services – the answer to your tree removal needs.As a leading service provider with a strong commitment to community safety and convenience, I Haul Landscape Services specializes in the swift and efficient removal of fallen trees from roads. Our dedicated team is equipped with the latest technology and trained professionals who excel in the art of tree removal, ensuring that the roads are cleared promptly and securely.

Who is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal?

Responsibility for fallen tree removal typically falls under the jurisdiction of local government authorities, public works departments, and emergency services. These entities work collaboratively to ensure the swift and safe removal of fallen trees from public roads. Local government agencies often have designated services or departments responsible for addressing such situations, and they may coordinate with specialized tree removal services to efficiently clear obstructed roadways.

Local Government Authorities

In many cases, local government authorities are responsible for clearing fallen trees from public roads. They usually have dedicated departments or services that respond to emergency situations such as fallen trees obstructing roadways.

Public Works Departments

Public works divisions are frequently entrusted with keeping up with and fixing public framework, including streets. They may collaborate with specialized tree removal services or have their own team equipped to handle the removal of fallen trees.

Emergency Services

Emergency services such as fire departments or police departments may also play a role in immediate response to fallen trees on roads. They can ensure the safety of the public by securing the area and coordinating with relevant agencies for removal.

Who to Call for Fallen Tree Removal

To report fallen tree removal or request assistance, individuals should contact their local municipal hotline, public works or transportation department, or emergency services. These entities are equipped to handle reports of fallen trees on public roads and can coordinate the necessary response. Contact information for reporting fallen trees is typically available on official municipal websites or through community outreach programs. 

Local Municipal Hotline

Most municipalities have a dedicated hotline or emergency number that residents can call to report issues such as fallen trees on roads. This information is often readily available on the official website or through community outreach programs.

Public Works or Transportation Department

Contacting the local public works or transportation department is another effective way to report fallen trees on roads. They can provide guidance on the next steps and may dispatch a team to address the issue promptly.

Professional Tree Removal Services

In some cases, local authorities may collaborate with private tree removal services to efficiently handle the removal of fallen trees. These administrations are furnished with the fundamental apparatuses and aptitude to securely clear streets and reestablish ordinary traffic stream.

I Haul Landscape Services

I Take Scene Administrations is a main brand in the field of scene and tree administrations. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, I Haul Landscape Services specializes in efficient and professional tree removal. Here’s why they stand out:

24/7 Emergency Response

I Haul Landscape Services understands the urgency of fallen tree removal.Their group is accessible all day, every day to answer crisis calls, guaranteeing fast and solid help when you really want it most.

Professional Expertise

The team at I Haul Landscape Services consists of skilled arborists and professionals who prioritize safety and efficiency in every job. They are outfitted with best in class apparatuses to deal with tree expulsion with accuracy.

Community-Centric Approach

I Haul Landscape Services takes pride in contributing to the well-being of communities by keeping roads safe and accessible. Their community-centric approach reflects a dedication to creating safer environments for everyone.


Knowing who to call for fallen tree removal is crucial for maintaining safe roads and ensuring the well-being of a community. Local government authorities, public works departments, and professional tree removal services like I Haul Landscape Services play integral roles in addressing these situations promptly. By monitoring these assets, networks can find proactive ways to guard their streets clear and.


Who Is Responsible For Removing Fallen Trees From Public Roads?

Nearby government specialists, public works divisions, and crisis administrations are commonly answerable for the expulsion of fallen trees from public streets.

How Can I Report A Fallen Tree On The Road?

You can report a fallen tree on the road by contacting your local municipal hotline, public works or transportation department, or emergency services. Information on the appropriate contact numbers is often available on official websites or through community outreach programs.

Are There Specific Times When Fallen Tree Removal Services Are Available?

I Haul Landscape Services offers 24/7 emergency response for fallen tree removal. Their team is available around the clock to address urgent situations promptly.

What Sets I Haul Landscape Services Apart From Other Tree Removal Services?

I Haul Landscape Services stands out due to its professional expertise, 24/7 emergency response, and a community-centric approach.The group comprises of talented arborists outfitted with cutting edge apparatuses to guarantee protected and effective tree expulsion.

How Quickly Can I Haul Landscape Services Respond To A Fallen Tree Emergency?

I Haul Landscape Services is committed to a rapid response in emergency situations. Their team aims to address fallen tree removal promptly, ensuring the safety of the community and restoring normal traffic flow as quickly as possible.

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